Friday, January 21, 2011

burning on

The life that inspires me also conspires to keep me from making my art. This burning barn, my life, is flaming on, sometimes smoldering sometimes raging full force, and there is not always enough energy left to get over to the loom and interpret it.

Nonetheless after experiencing an immensely frustrating delay yesterday on something rather large in my life, I am able to go to the loom now and begin winding on the yellow warp I wrote about several weeks ago (meanwhile the red warp languishes, bound at the feet of the forthcoming figure). The sun is shining in my 8 foot windows and the colors are alight.


Rayela Art said...

A friend of mine once said, "You know, the good thing about you when you have a broken heart is that you make really good art..."


LFN Textiles said...

sigh... thanks, Rachel.

Anonymous said...

Lovely sunshine. Really brightens the day. I look up at those windows when I go to the bank.