Thursday, September 9, 2010

prairie pillow is done!

This afternoon I completed sewing up the Prairie pillow.  I had to make a time equation that was really interesting. When I lived in Chicago, I would have shopped for the backing fabric & trim and easily found something that would enhance the tapestry face.  Here in southern Indiana, I realized I could easily spend a day looking for fabric, and not find it; also it takes 45 minutes each way to drive into Evansville to begin the search!   So I hand-wove the backing as well as the fabric for the welting, and came out about the same in time, with superior results.  So here you have it: wool twill brocade pillow face, wool twill backing & handmade welting.  Voila!

Friday, September 3, 2010

weaving a prairie

I was commissioned recently to produce a very special tapestry pillow based on prairie flowers.  I cut it off the loom today, and will weave the backing fabric on Monday.  Here's how it looked on the loom; the second photo is after cutting it off and blocking it.  The finished pillow will be 16" square.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

white on white, finished

I did finish those beautiful white-on-white pillows and the designer was kind enough to send photos of the room with the pillows plumply in place.  The high contrast here doesn't really show off the weave, so I am including a photo from the workroom for detail.  The set was six 22" square pillows for a very sleek, modern room which needed only subtle interest in the sofas.  Lovely work by Dirk Denison Architects of Chicago.