Tuesday, December 30, 2008

nearly January

I made several small scale tapestries for a show at Hibberd McGrath Gallery this season, titled "Images of Winter". Here is my favorite, "White Barn, November". (Framed, 8.5" x 11", wool with rayon, metallic, cotton, paper)

Monday, December 1, 2008

a wonderful year

2008 turned out to be quite a solid year for me as an artist -- a surprise that I am profoundly grateful for, given the nature of these times. In the spring, my tapestry "Villa Farsetti: The Greenhouse" was acquired by the Reading Public Museum in Reading, PA; and last month the Art Institute of Chicago purchased my tapestry "Grey Stones", which hung for many years on my living rom wall as I loved it too much to let go of it. I am delighted it has found a home where it will be cared for in perpetuity!

Other museums which own my work include:
The Archives of the Venice Biennale
The Minneapolis Institute of Art
The Denver Art Museum
Cranbrook Art Museum
The Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum

shown: Grey Stones, 1999, wool with cotton

November Color

November was always a month I dreaded. While I lived in Chicago it was that dull grey space in between the beauty of fall and the reality of the coming hard winter. Cold, chilly, colorless.

But here in southern Indiana I find this time of year quite beautiful: the air, though cool, is refreshing, and the colors fascinatingly subtle.

Here are a couple of recently woven pieces. I have just sent Treeline, November to Hibberd McGrath Gallery for their winter show.

top: Wabash River, November; 33" x 36"; wool with rayon, metallic & cotton
bottom: Treeline, November; 16" x 60"; wool with rayon, cotton & metallic